Science2share is founded by neuroscientist and psychologist Dr. Jiska Peper. For more than a decade she worked as an assistant professor at Leiden University. There she investigated brain development in children and teenagers, impulse control and pubertal hormones. Through Science2share Jiska reaches out to the public by giving popular scientific lectures, workshops and writing blogs. See below for a variety of topics. Feel free to contact me about the opportunities!

Brain development

How does the brain develop from childhood into adulthood? Are there any gender differences in brain development? And, what is known about the influence of peers and parents on the teenage brain and behavior?

Puberty & hormones

Pubertal hormones are often blamed for 'typical' teenage behavior, such as sleepiness, lack of motivation, mood swings and reckless behavior. Is this view correct? Or do these hormones serve useful functions as well? 

Risk taking & impulse control

A certain level of risk-taking and impulsivity are part of healthy adolescent behavior. But what do we know about extreme forms of these behaviors? And what is the role of the brain and the social environment?